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Why unlawn?

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Rewilding, also known as unlawning, is a movement spreading across America, Europe, and Asia to bring nature back into human society. But why unlawn?

Are you wondering “why should I rewild?”

Rather than viewing themselves and their property as separate from the natural world, homeowners are starting to see their property as part of the planet. A planet that is ailing from oil spills, climate change, and resource mismanagement.

By allowing nature to heal on a piece of your property, no matter how small, you can help in the fight to protect nature from the negative impacts caused by human society. 

Why everyone should unlawn.

When you unlawn you bring nature into society, which can help to dispel the belief that humanity can survive separated from nature. Unlawning allows you to rewild portions of your property while keeping sections of mowed lawn where it gets the most use. 

You enjoy direct benefits when you unlawn, as well. The most obvious is no more mowing! Or at least less mowing and, therefore, less gas.  But the benefits get way better from there:

Many people also want to give back – to do something for others. Choosing to unlawn benefits others through:

Wildlife Habitat

If your neighborhood is like most in the U.S., your local wildlife have fewer and fewer places to live each year. Maybe you don’t want animals to live close to your house, but do you want them to disappear completely?

Setting aside the edges of your yard, especially near wooded areas can help to support the local populations of pollinators and birds. Lawns near large connected parks and forests will see wildlife right away. But even if you don’t see birds and deer in your neighborhood now, you can create good habitat to invite nature into human society.

Food Security

Did you know 100% of our food comes from nature? At least until they figure out the lab-grown meat. Farmers are incredibly efficient at squeezing food out of their land by supplementing water and nutrients while removing competition and pests. But growing food doesn’t have to be hard work.

By leaning on the characteristics of the land you have, you can reap a bounty without breaking your back or the bank. And your edible or medicinal crops can blend right into your unlawn. Too much bounty for you? Invite neighbors to come and pick extra crops!

Unlawn for Climate stabilization

Ok, this might sound extreme, but your land can help in the fight against climate change!

Every acre of soil has the capacity to sink carbon if plants are grown on it. But we can do more than balance just one element. Earth has an incredible capacity to heal itself when humans step back and let it.

By stepping back and letting plants grow, we can start to realize the effects of nature healing itself within a few years! Herbaceous cover and height help stabilize the local climate against floods and drought, as well as extreme heat and cold. Working cooperatively, species form a system that is stable but adaptable, and we can sit back and enjoy the benefits. is now happy to offer yard signs!

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